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As of April 15th 2020, this website has been COMPLETELY reconstructed, meaning FROM SCRATCH on a NEW platform with a NEW web host.

It seems that the old host eliminated Site Building and Web Hosting services from their product offerings, and migrated both sites I had with them over to another  company.

In attempting to revamp my content to mate with the new company's templates and features, it became apparent that this would be quite a chore.

Simply "tweaking to fit" was not a possibility, but rather, "ground up reconstruction" would be required.  I was also frustrated with what seemed to be a lack of user-friendliness and options available on that platform.


Eternal optimist that I am, I treated these "challenges" as an "opportunity" to explore other Site Building and Web Hosting options, hoping to find a simple, easy-to-use, and flexible alternative.

And here we are, with a completely new website on a platform that I not only find easier to use for the simple needs I have in a music website, but which also seems to have another plus.

This site is WAY more optimized for MOBILE DEVICE VIEWING than the previous ones, and arranging things for mobile viewing optimization during construction and editing is very easy and flexible.

I also took the step of further applying the "less is more" concept I had implemented on the most recent revamp about a year earlier, and you'll find this site to include less extraneous material and greater focus on just what you need to see and hear - ALL THE GREAT MUSIC!

Overall, these things providing added benefit to me as the Webmaster, combined with my jumping on the opportunity to streamline the site, will make YOUR experience here much better.


E N J O Y !

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